Another Style of Website Using The Thesis WordPress Theme

by admin on November 25, 2008

I started building wordpress based site using the Madingo Theme, progressed to using iThemes and have recently been using the Thesis WordPress Theme. Both ithemes and Thesis are professional themes for which I have bought a developers licence which allows me to build client sites using them.

I’m looking to approach people who work in the therapy/private nursing sector to build websites for them having noticed that many of them do not have a website. The site above is in the style of a directory with each business added appearing on the front page until pushed down the list by new entries. Each entry is also displayed in a Category, for example – Holistic Therapists. I’m also adding static pages accessed by a navigation menu bar at the top of the website. Each static page contains information about a particular aspect of therapy of nursing.

An individual business could have a similar layout, with the front page being updateable by the owner. Alternatively, the front page could be static and the updateable section moved to a page called “latest news” for example.

The great benefits for the owner is that the site is easily updateable and because the site uses a WordPress Blog platform, it tends to get ranked highly in the search engines for numerous keywords.

It’s also possible to add a customer capture/newsletter as I’ve done with the site.

If you would like a similar site building for you, please contact me – cost is from £199

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