Before Direct Email Marketing there was …

by admin on November 28, 2008

How They Used To Do It – A little HISTORY

Back in the days when direct mail (snail mail) was king, thousands of businesses throughout the world quietly went about amassing fortunes via the medium of direct response marketing.

Here’s how they did it (by mail)

They drafted a salesletter that tempted their prospects to request more information, often by giving away FREE information teasers.

Once someone identified themselves as a serious prospect by requesting this information, they were sent follow up letters which offered A SOLUTION to their problem, often at a low price.

Further follow up letters would follow, with the same offer, until the customer bought the product.

Once they had become a PROVEN BUYER
, they would be moved to another list and would receive more offers, each more expensive than the last.

This process is known as a marketing funnel.

The whole process was slow, expensive, and needed refinement over a period of time (with associated expense) to make it profitable. In many cases, no profit was made on the campaign until the PROVEN BUYERS bought their second product.

Some companies still operate this way. How often do you receive a catalogue from Viking Office Supplies, or one of the many Wine Clubs?

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