Email Marketing Evolution

by admin on November 29, 2008


With the advent of email, marketers began to realise that the offline marketing methods that they were currently using could be taken online. They began to use email marketing to build their lists. One of the immediate benefits being, the ability to send information to their lists without incurring postage costs.

However the process of manually collecting and storing email information, then distributing marketing emails, was tedious and time consuming. Imagine for example having to send out 10,000 emails, one by one, just once a month. If each email took one minute, that’s 167 hours per month i.e. a full time job.

Automation was brought to the process and the volume of email marketing began to expand rapidly.

As people began to realise that they could now get their marketing message in front of millions of people for almost no cost, the age of the spammer began. Working on the principle that even with a response rate of 1/1000th of one percent, big profits could be made; the spammers began to flood the inboxes of the world with their messages.

Internet Service Providers like AOL responded by blacklisting the spammers and deleting up to 90% of email BEFORE it reached their users inbox. Legitimate marketers found that the delivery rate of their emails plummeted, so they sent out more emails. That’s a very vicious circle.

Eventually laws were passed worldwide governing the sending of emails.

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