Frequently Asked Questions

THE one question that I get asked all the time is – can you really do this in one day?

The answer is YES, however, what can be accomplished in one day hinges on how much material you have prepared. To be frank, most One Day Websites take two solid days of work to get finished. If your site really is simple (and they usually are not) and can be done in a day, I’ll knock £100 off the price.

If I have to start from scratch with you and write all of your content, you’ll obviously have fewer pages on your website. It helps a lot if you have something already written down in a text file on your computer rather than on a sheet of paper.

Many people are worried that what they write won’t make sense, or will not be written well enough. I will usually re-write it for you anyway, but having something to base that on is a big time saver. It also speeds things up if you have any images that you would like to use either scanned to a file on your computer or stored as a .jpg file. Having said all that, I’m quite happy to take you from a vague idea to a finished website.

Q – Do you have a contract?

A – Yes, to see the contract click here

Q – Can you work at weekends?

A – Yes I can if you are happy to pay double

Q – Can you build E-Commerce and Directory websites?

A – Yes I can, please contact me to discuss

Q – Can you make my website look different to this one?

A – Yes, please contact me to discuss your requirements