From zero to 29 paid subscribers in one week

by admin on July 18, 2008

I completed my first One Day Website for a client recently, you can see it here (opens in a new window). The client had some content which we added, for other section where he had no existing content, we wrote it between us on the day.

The site was successfully completed in a day, however I had to build it in a folder on one of my existing domains as he already had a live site running and we were switching to my hosting package. Once everything looked ok, we pointed the DNS to the new nameservers, and as soon as they resolved I built the new site again.

The major additions were a paypal button to allow people to sign up to his tipping service, integrating a newsletter signup, converting the report that he’d written to pdf format and uploading it to be available for download, and adding affiliate banners for a list of bookmakers.

The alternative was to transfer the files that we built during the day. I’ll have to try that out on a test blog first to make sure it all runs smoothly.

He has a few existing links to his site, which were probably responsible for his first customer a few hours after the site was completed, another one followed the next day. After sending an email to his existing small list, another 27 people signed up. This is now well on the way to being a £1,000 per month + income stream for him.

All pages on his site have been indexed by Google and the site currently ranks at 39 on Google out of 193,000 results for the term – profit from sports betting, which is the blog tagline. Not bad considering that there are no links back to his site with that anchor text.

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