Google Rank Update for Investment Property Club

by admin on October 23, 2008

Just to show you how powerful wordpress is and how it helps you to get ranked in Google and the other search engines: The Investment Property Club website was built around ten days ago and as far as I’m aware, the only link to it is from the portfolio page of One Day Website. In other words, nothing has been done to promote the site for search engine rankings. I checked today by typing “investment property club” (without quotes) into the search engine, and was delighted to find the site listed on the first page of results at position 4.

In the screen capture below, you can see that there are 273,000 competing pages for that term.

* People browsing the internet looking for information, typically search without quotes. The number of results returned in google are the pages that have your phrase somewhere on the page in any order, for example property investment club, or club property investment. When you are conducting keyword research and competitor analysis, the search is done with quotes. This gives you the number of competing pages that are specifically optimised for the term exactly.

Part of the reason that this website ranks highly for “investment property club” lies with the choice of domain name.

The rankings can, and do dance around, so if you check in Google (and I suggest that you do), it could be number one, or it could be on page 13. Stability comes with time and backlinks.

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