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by admin on October 18, 2008

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There is a world of difference between low cost website design and cheap website design. The first implies value for money, whilst the second tends to indicate poor quality. Here at One Day Website our focus is on low cost website design and providing our clients with websites that really work for them.

Built on a wordpress blog platform, One Day Websites allow our clients to take control after the build and add unlimited amounts of content quickly and easily. Making a post like this one is as simple as typing. There are two main advantages to this.

  1. The search engines love blogs that are updated regularly and sens out their search engine spiders to find and index your new content.
  2. Your blog readers or customers gain more of an insight into your activities and will come back often to read your updates

As we’ve proved with our One Day Website concept, low cost doesn’t mean low quality. A professional looking, search engine optimised website is now within the reach of everybody.

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