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discover the lakes

Not a one day website, but another site that i have built. Discover The Lakes is a directory style website which runs on an incredibly powerful software platform that I am an agent for. This website has over 1000 pages listed in Google and holds hundreds of first page rankings. Contact me for more details.


This site took way longer than a day, and the cost reflected that. Essentially we took all of the offline advertising material for the Zahra Sugaring and Beauty and put the information online. Lorraine can update the site with her latest offers, quickly and easily.

Another site that took more than a day, in part due to the time required to set up a newsletter. The website was built for a new local equestrian centre. We’re looking to add an online booking system for their two riding schools and for horse riding lessons.

Not a One Day Website, but included here to show that I can build a variety of different looking websites. This is actually the first website that I built to promote website building services back in 2006 and is still a work in progress. Time to get back to this website and update it with new information.

A directory that I built for myself to promote One Day Websites to the care professions. Sometimes photographs are a little stark and a cartoon, if well done, can convey a feeling in a much better way. Having had massage treatment for a back problem and physio for a shoulder injury I know how beneficial complementary therapists can be. For some reason MOST therapists don’t have a website. There’s an opportunity for a few people to grab a slice of the online market in their area and grab some top rankings in the search engines.

moat-portfolio1A blog to complement a website. I prefer building sites on a blog platform from the outset which enables the website owner to update and add news items as and when required. For the Moat Farm Equestrian website however I loved the flash template, normally something that I’d avoid. As the equestrian centre has a lot going on and constant updates for events etc actually add to the user experience, it was decided that a blog was needed. Over time this will become a diary of the equestrian centre that will give potential new clients an inside view before they make an enquiry.


A clean, simple layout for a new bed and breakfast establishment in Ulverston. The website¬† comprises of 7 pages, one of which is easily and quickly updateable by the website owner. A google map has been added to the location page so that visitors can easily find the accommodation. In addition, the business details have been added via Google Local Business, a feature that is now a standard component of the One Day Website package. To see this in action, do a search on google.co.uk for “Ulverston Bed and Breakfast” (without quotes).