Hosting and Support

Domain Name, Hosting and Support Package

You need three basic services in order to run a website

  • A Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Support

Domain Name
Your domain name is what people type into the search engines to find your website. It’s also important for getting your site ranked highly. Generally you’ll want to include the keywords that people seach for in your domain name. The cost of purchasing and renewing your domain name is included in your support package.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting is where your website is stored ready to be served up to your visitors. Your website information is stored on a server, which effectively a large, powerful computer. Unlike your computer, a server can allow multiple visitors to view your website at the same time.

You’ll get an admin login to your server package where you can view your website statistics whenever you want to. This is useful as your stats will tell you what keyphrases people type into the search engines to find your website.


Your website runs on a platform called wordpress. WordPress is what allows you to make blog postings and is partly responsible for your site acheiving good rankings in Google. On top of wordpress sits a custom theme, modified by me. In addition, your site is hosted on a web server. Visitors see your site in their browser, which might be Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or 6.0, possibly Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

Unlike a Yellow Pages Advert, your website is a living thing. All of the above systems update periodically and this can cause problems. Having support in place doesn’t mean that these updates won’t affect your site – periodically they will. It does mean that you won’t be left on your own when the unexpected happens.

Most of the time you won’t need my assistance, but support is provided by me for up to one hour per month. Delivery of support is by email, phone, and Instant Messenger. Email is preferred as it allows me to accurately log support issues. These might be helping to sort out something that you want to change on your website, or dealing with technical issues. I can’t provide support for anything other than your website, hosting, and newsletter. If you have issues with your computer or proprietry software packages, you need to contact the relevant vendor.

The cost of the domain, hosting and support package is £19.95 per month. All other services are optional, but this one is not.