Website Promotion and Marketing

If no one ever sees your website (other than family and friends) it’s the same as opening a cheese shop on the moon. It might be a great idea, but you can guarantee there won’t be many customers.

There are simple techniques that work for getting ranked in the search engines. It takes time, or money, or both to achieve it. This is a 5 step process, which we’ll have a brief look at now.

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Search Engine Optimisation – a 5 step process

1) Keyword Research – Presumably, if you own a website you want as many people as possible to see it, otherwise, what’s the point. That means getting the pages of your website ranked highly in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) for specific search terms or phrases. Search Engine Optimisation experts, call these keywords, or key phrases. For example, “traffic” is a keyword and “get more search engine traffic” is a key phrase.

Keyword research then involves building a target list of the exact words or phrases people type into the search engines. The point of the research is to find key phrases that have relatively high search engine traffic but a relatively low number of competing web pages for that term.

2) Competitor Analysis – Once suitable key phrases have been found, competitor analysis is undertaken for each keyword. The simplest metric here is the number of competing web pages, but this factor alone is not enough. In reality your competitors are the websites listed on the first three pages of the search engines, and particularly those listed on the first page.

3) On Page Optimisation – This means the way your website is set up and the words on each page. There are certain things that have to be done when building a website, that have an impact on how highly the pages of that website will rank. In addition, the site content, which means the words on the pages, has to be good. This used to mean stuffing in the keyphrases as many times as possible, but now means looking at Latent Symantic Indexing (LSI).

4) Off Page Optimisation – This term is the decription for any activity undertaken outside of your website in order to promote it. This could be newspaper advertising, video marketing, article distribution, building a buzz about your site, gaining backlinks to your site or other methods. The main method that SEO experts concentrate on is gaining backlinks, and very simply, as many backlinks as possible.

A backlink is usually a link back to your site from another website with your chosen key phrase hyperlinked. For example, if I wanted to promote my article directory to boost rank for the term “uk article directory” I would seek to have a link with uk article directory hyperlinked on another website (just like that).

5) Continued Promotion and Maintainance – One key phrase may be targeted until the web page reaches the first page of the search engines, or a number of keyphrases may be targeted at once. Either way, as the web page(s) rise in the search engine rankings, further backlinks are obtained until the target position(s) are acheived. When all the targeted pages/terms have reached the first page, promotion is complete and the website can be put into maintainance mode. This just means scaling down the levels of promotion. If you simply stop promotion at this point, it is likely that your site will begin to slip back down the rankings.

How I Can Help

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