Types of Website

We build One Day Websites on a WordPress Blog platform, add a custom theme on top to make it look good and provide funtionality, then customise the theme to suit your needs.

Using wordpress as the website platform provides you with a Content Management System (CMS) which means that you can easily update and add new items to your website, typically on a “blog” or “latest news” section.

We use a number of themes, so your website doesn’t have to look like this one.

This process is (relatively) straightforward, which is why we can make the site in one day, for a low cost. We can build other types of website, but the cost will be greater.

We can also build what might be termed as a standard website. This means that we’ll usually choose a template that closely matches your needs, then customise it to suit. A content management system can be added, as can other features.

For ecommerce sites, or sites that will have a lot of content, including directory type sites, we use and recommend a software platform from Global7. This software is incredibly powerful, and the cost reflects that. We use it on one of our sites about the lake district and rank very highly in the search engines for hundreds of key phrases.

The software provides a platform for the user to easily develop their own website on. We are available to work on that process with you if required.

For a (phone based) demonstration of the Global7 software, please contact us.

Finally, here’s a list of the types of website that a One Day Website can be used for. Click on any of the links for further information.