Hobby Websites

Hobby websites can cover a broad range of interests and many people have wonder about turning their hobby into an income. Over the past few years, many hobby websites have sprung up as blogs. Blogs is short for web log and effectively is an online diary. Many hobby bloggers have gone on to turn their hobby into a full time income, a few have sold their blogs to big business for 7 figure sums.

Here’s some of the favourite topics that people build hobby websites around:

Cinema and Film
Health and Fitness

If you decide to build a website around your hobby, my advice is to specialise. For example, rather than building a website about “music” choose a niche topic. Possible choices could be Big Band Music, New Orleans Jazz, Rock and Roll or Classical Music.

A One Day Website is built on a blog platform. This allows you to set a number of fixed pages which you use to give information about your hobby, AND post to your blog as often as you wish, to keep your site updated and fresh.