Personal Websites

Personal and hobby websites have a large element of crossover, often what starts out as one, becomes the other.

Many people create their own personal web page at google, yahoo, geocities, aol, tiscali or other free page providers. More recently, people have been creating their own online personalities at Squidoo, Hubpages, Myspace, YouTube and other so called web 2.0 virtual real eastate properties.

This opportunity to express yourself and have your thought published online instantly is to me one of the massively positive benefits of the emergence of the internet as a means of communication.

Some personal websites, over time, come to be regaraded by the search engines as “authority websites” and get ranked highly. Often these sites contain lots of pages of information.

It makes sense then to safeguard your personal sites by buying your own domain name and “owning” your website, rather than relying on the free rental of webspace. It’s not unknown for free webspace providers to place their own advertising on your website. Occasionally, they simply delete a bunch of websites on their servers for no particular reason.

A One Day Website can help you avoid these potential problems, and offer you many more options to make publishing your sites really simple.