What Can Direct Email Marketing Do For Me?

by admin on December 1, 2008

It’s widely accepted in business that a prospective client may not buy from you until he has been exposed to your offer up to 7 times.

The best salespeople know this and in a verbal situation attempt to close numerous times rather than giving up after the first NO.

Imagine that over the last 5 years you have built a list of 10,000 people
who are either interested in your products and services, or have actually bought from you.

From their very first, tentative enquiry, you have sent them a constant (anywhere from daily to monthly) series of emails that they have opted to receive.

Each email highlights the benefits of doing business with you and the subject matter might include:

  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Your thoughts on an aspect on your industry
  • A gentle promotion for your service
  • An analysis of the opinion of one of your contemparies
  • A look behind the scenes of your business
  • A personal email
  • A promotion for the product of another business
  • An amusing story
  • A promotion for another service you provide
  • Tips for ———–
  • How to —————-
  • Why you should ———–
  • Why you should never ————-
  • Another promotion for your business
  • Save £’s by doing ——–
  • Ad infinitum

If you wrote one short message per week and added it to your system, by now you have 250 short marketing emails stacked up.

When prospect number 10001 enters your marketing funnel, they will get a new message from you each week AUTOMATICALLY, for the next 5 years, even if you never write another email again.

Now imagine that you’re just about to launch a new product or service. Instead of having to design a marketing campaign to promote it, you BROADCAST one email to your list – a list of people who have pre-qualified their interest.

Perhaps it’s a £997 seminar.

At a 1% response rate, you just pulled in £99,700

Total additional cost of promotion? ZERO.

Use a little smart marketing and run a pre launch campaign and the response rate could well top 5%.

•    Move premises and need to let everyone know – send one email
•    Change phone number – one email
•    Need to recruit – one email
•    Have to shut down for a week at short notice – one email
•    Need to find a resource quickly – one email.

Can you see the power of this system?

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