What You Get

If you know what info you need to get online and need to do it quickly – a One Day website is exactly what you need.

You get a website that looks just like this one (or one of the other sites on our portfolio page), but with your images and your text.

One Day Website User Manual

We’ll work together to plan and build your website. It will be a minimum of 5 pages including a Home Page and Contact Page, and an easily updateable blog. When we’ve finished, you’ll have a live website, and the ability to easily add new content whenever you want to.

You’ll also get a user manual for your website.

The Website Build Process:

We’ll discuss the objectives for your website and the key message(s) that you need to say. We can do this in person if you are local or we can do this by phone,¬†instant messenger, or email.

We research keywords relative to your niche. This is Extremely Important Рfor more information on this see high website ranking

We’ll choose and register a domain name, then set up web hosting.

We’ll set up email addresses like you@yourdomain.com, and configure Outlook

We add content and pages to your site

We’ll upload it to the internet

Your site will be live online.

This is all flexible. If we fly through the early stuff, we’ll spend more time tweaking your site.

After The Build:

You can easily add content to your website, as often as you like. You just make a post like this one. It’s as easy as typing a letter in Microsoft Word.

For minor tweaks just email me, it’s included in your hosting and support package

If you want me to work on your website and promotion on a regular basis – consider a contract work package

Ad Hoc Non Contract Work is also available if required.