Who is Most Likely To Buy

by admin on December 13, 2008

Which of these three people is most likely to buy something from your business in the future?

a) Someone who has had no previous contact with your business and possibly doesn’t even know that it exists.

b) Someone who has actually been into your business premises.

c) Someone who has previously bought something from you.

The answer is obviously c) so why then do most business owners target their advertising at the a) group, 95% of whom don’t have the remotest interest in what’s on offer? Is it just because that’s how advertising has always been done in the past

Marketing to people who’ve already PROVED that they are willing to spend money with your business is just about the smartest thing that any business owner can do.

Have you ever bought anything from Ebay or Amazon? Pay attention to what happens AFTER you have done so.

At Amazon in particular, you don’t even have to buy something to have their automated marketing machine swing into action. You can check this out easily right now. Go to www.amazon.co.uk and browse around a little, just take a look at some items that interest you and spend 5 minutes or so on their website. Then go back tomorrow. You’ll find that they present offers SIMILAR to the ones you looked at yesterday.

Amazon take the trouble to find out what you are interested in buying, then market to you based on your interests.

Every business needs to advertise to survive, more so in difficult economic times. If you’d like to start getting a decent ROI on your advertising spend just contact me.

Oh and as for the people in category b)

If you have a business premises like a shop, garage, restaurant, etc. and you’re not continually marketing to the people who enter your premises AFTER THEY HAVE LEFT, you’re turning down the opportunity to make MASSIVE PROFITS. It’s so simple to put a system in place to do this, yet very few people know how.

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